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Stay Informed at Pathfinder K-8

playground compassWhat’s the best way to know what is happening at school?

  • PTSA Website: pathfinderk8ptsa.org.
  • PTSA Facebook Page: facebook.com/pathfinderk8ptsa.
  • Pathfinder School Website: pathfinderk8.seattleschools.org.
  • Seattle Public Schools Website: seattleschools.org.
  • Emails: From Teacher, Clan Coordinator, Pathfinder Principal/Vice Principal, Seattle Public Schools. If you are not receiving emails, you may have opted out. You can opt back in.
  • Weekly PTSA Digest from Odetta Owen, PTSA President. Subscribe by sending Odetta an email and put “Digest” in the subject line: miss_oo@hotmail.com.
  • PTSA General Meetings: Attend PTSA General Meetings held in the evening usually in September, October, January and May. Childcare is available through Blazing Trails. Stay informed and involved with the work of the PTSA, vote on the budget and elect PTSA officers.
  • Wall Calendar in the school “hub,” where the amphitheater steps are.
  • Display Case in school lobby.
  • Marquee Reader Board on the driveway into school, by the gate.
  • Compass: Pathfinder’s newsy monthly newsletter, prepared by Lani Huston in the office, sent via email and posted on school website. Hard copies outside office.
  • Hot Sheet: Prepared by School Secretary, Danielle Otey. Issued every two weeks on Wednesdays. Quick reference and calendar of upcoming events. Sent via email and posted on school website. Hard copies outside office.
  • Kidmail: Flyers about upcoming events are often sent home in your child’s backpack.
  • Playground Blog: pathfinderplayground14.wordpress.com.
  • Facebook private group: Pathfinder School Community Communication Tool on Facebook is a private parent-to-parent communication group.

To Get a Message Out

The Communications Team of the PTSA can help you get a PTSA message out to the Pathfinder Community.  Send a quick email to Gillian Maguire <nelson DOT cat AT live.com>, to let us know what you want to communicate.