Board Members – Executive Officers

Odetta Owen, President

Odetta Owen, President

President:    Odetta Owen








Sarah Steinke PTSA

Sarah Steinke, Vice President

Vice President:    Sarah Steinke









Sigrid Brunet, Secretary

Secretary:  Sigrid Brunet








Jennifer Babuca, Co-Treasurer

Jennifer Babuca, Treasurer

Jennifer Babuca, Treasurer


(Contact Jennifer regarding reimbursement requests or questions about the budget.)






Contact the Executive Officers here.

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Board Roles and Responsibilities

President – Odetta Owen Develop annual calendar of meetings, special events and activities and oversee implementation. Set agenda and lead executive and general meetings. Obtain committee and principal reports prior to each PTSA meetings. Report on issues, as needed. Meet with principal to facilitate working relationship between school and PTSA. Represent PTSA with district as …

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