Be Smart Gun Safety Presentation for Parents at Pathfinder!

Your PTSA is excited to announce that the gun safety group Be Smart will be featuring a presentation on Tuesday, January 10th at 6:30 in the Library. If you’re not familiar with Be Smart, it is NOT a presentation arguing for or against guns in any way. It’s about conversations and is right in line with our Social Emotional learning emphasis at Pathfinder.

This presentation will empower you as parents to have conversations with other parents and with your kids. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America launched the Be Smart campaign to take action to promote responsible gun ownership and reduce child gun deaths. The campaign focuses on education and awareness about child gun deaths and responsible gun storage. Check out the Be Smart website for more information!

That same evening you will meet our incredible auction team AND you will be the FIRST to reserve your spots for exciting and fun group events like the Whiskey Tasting, David and Lisa’s Famous Sleepover and more!

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Form for logging time-oriented tasks is ready

14993391_1309433679088887_2854088248384349040_nThank you everyone who has helped get our wreath season off to a good start. To get credit for your time oriented tasks there are two ways to do this.

You can enter it online at

Or there will be a log book in the wreath workshop.

Time oriented tasks are things like clipping, gathering and delivering greens; making bows, tidying up the workshop or any other wreath oriented errands that is not directly making or selling wreaths.


Time oriented tasks earn your clan 10% of our earnings so it adds up.

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Would You Like to Host a Party?

oysters and lemons on a platter

Every year, parents and teachers host parties, or Group Events, for the kids, families and friends of Pathfinder K8 School.  The money raised goes to programs for our kids at school, such as the Earth Project, and classroom funds for teachers to buy books and supplies.

In the past, party ideas included: Thriftstore Limousine, Whiskey Tasting, NW Oyster and Microbrews, West Seattle Pub Crawl, Spring Nettle Harvesting, Backyard Chicken Coops, Crafty After Dark, and Beer Brewing and Bratwurst.

If you have a fun idea for a party you would like to host for a group of Pathfinder families and friends, please contact our amazing Group Events Team: Jodi Connolly: or Molly Lukens:

Thank you!

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Clip Wreath Materials and Wreath-Making Workshops

snow on a holly wreathThank you to all those who came to help get the wreath tables set up. We had a great turnout and finished putting the tables together in record time! The wreath workshop is now operational!

Clip Greens and Ornamentals

What we need now are wreath making materials. We need evergreen material and ornamentals. Not sure what to clip? We have suggestions.

Wreath-Making Workshops

We also have a couple of open workshop times scheduled. These are times that at least one experienced wreath maker will be at the wreath workshop in order to help beginners or those that need a refresher.

  • Sunday: 11/20 2-4
  • Monday: 11/21 6-8
  • Saturday 11/26 1-4. We hope to get quite a few wreath makers on this date because we have farmer’s market on the 11/27

Remember as always though you can come any time it’s convenient for you. Send me a text at: 206-306-4549, and I’ll send you the code to the wreath cage.

Thank you!

Get more details about Wreath Season here.

Questions? Cecelia Lehmann

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Order Wreaths Online

Wreath Dark Green LogoGreat news!

You can order and pay for your wreaths and ribbons online!

Get more wreath details here.

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Wreaths! Wreaths! Wreaths!

a trail in a mountain meadow with a string of kids hiking

Eagle Clan Hikes Mt. Baker

Hello Pathfinder Families!

Are you ready to make and sell some wreaths?

I am very excited to be your new wreath chair.  My name is Cecelia Lehmann and I have a 2nd grader in Octopus clan and another daughter who will be in Kindergarten next year.  I absolutely LOVE wreath season.  My first year at Pathfinder I really got to know a lot of my fellow parents making wreaths.  For those of you new to Pathfinder you are probably wondering what I am talking about.

During November and December Pathfinder sells wreaths to support our outdoor education programs.  Funds help pay for camp costs, like lodging/camping, food and equipment. It keeps the cost of camp for each family low, and provides scholarships for kids who are not able to pay.

What sets us apart from many other wreath fundraisers is that we make the wreaths.  Most of our wreath makers are parents and guardians of students but we also have some amazing grandparents, aunts, family friends that will come and help out.  All are welcome.

The week before Thanksgiving we will be setting up the wreath workshop in the play court outside the gym.  We will place a combo lock on it that will be given out to parents so they can get into the wreath workshop whenever they want.  That’s right, if you want to come at 5am and make wreaths once we are up and running you are more than welcome to do that.

We also will have clan nights from Nov 28-Dec. 4 where clans will sign up to have some dedicated time in the wreath workshop.  The teachers watch the kids in the classrooms while the parents work on wreaths.  Each class organizes supper for kids and volunteers.  Potluck or pizza are popular choices.  Be watching for communication from your child’s teacher about your clan night.

Don’t worry if you have never made a wreath.  We will show you.  There are often many experienced makers in the workshop who are glad to teach and we will have instructions in the workshop if you need a bit of a refresher.

This year I’m planning on having at least one beginner’s workshop and we are also going to have a bow making workshop.  Check out the dates on the PTSA website Wreath page.

We will once again be selling at the farmer’s market.  Dates will be Nov. 27, Dec. 4, and Dec. 11.

In addition to selling at the farmer’s market we will do pre-orders or direct sales.  If you have someone that wants a wreath, stop by the wreath workshop and pick one out or custom make one.

During wreath season the breakdown of earnings is as follows, 40% goes to the maker’s clan, 40% to the seller and the remaining 20% is divided among expenses and credit to people performing miscellaneous tasks like gathering greens and bow making.

Tuesday Nov. 15th will be the official wreath kick-off at the PTSA meeting.  I hope you can join us.  I will be there to answer any questions and pre-orders will also go live that day.  If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me

Check out more wreath details here.

Looking forward to seeing you in the wreath workshop.



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Join Newly Formed Diversity Task Force

colored-fabricOn the heels of the SEA sponsored Black Lives Matter event on the 19th, we as your PTSA
Board continue to discuss issues of diversity in our school and how best to meet the chal-
lenges of addressing those issues.

The following is a statement from PTA National taken from their Inclusivity and Diversity Policy:

PTAs everywhere must understand and embrace the uniqueness of all individuals, appreciating that each contributes a diversity of views, experiences, cultural heritage/traditions, skills/abilities, values and preferences.

The recognition of diversity within organizations is valuing differences and similarities in people through actions and accountability.

These differences and similarities include age, ethnicity, language and culture, economic status, educational background, gender, geographic location, marital status, mental ability, national origin, organizational position and tenure, parental status, physical ability, political philosophy, race, religion, sexual orientation, and work experience.

Therefore PTAs at every level must:

  • Openly assess beliefs and practices to assure inclusiveness and guard against discrimination;
  • Make every effort to create a PTA board and membership that is inclusive and reflective of its community;
  • Encourage that all PTA activities at the school be planned by a committee which is representative of the population;
  • Foster programs and practices that eliminate bias, prejudice and misunderstanding within their communities;
  • Become acquainted with the leaders of the many diverse groups in the community and collaborate with them to increase parent, family and community involvement;
  • Educate its leaders and members to the needs, cultural beliefs, traditions and family structures of the population they serve; and
  • Propose change wherever discriminatory practices are perceived.

We, your Pathfinder PTSA board are determined to meet these standards through focused work done by a task force that will report back to the board.

Myself and a handful of other interested parents have agreed to be on this task force but would love to have more parents join us so that we can have, represented in the discussion, a balanced informed dialogue that will help us be standard bearers of the above criteria.

Please consider joining us in this important conversation, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you,


(Follow this link to read the entire policy)

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Direct Give Raises $22,400!

Thank youThank you for making Pathfinder PTSA’s annual Direct Give such a great success. You certainly embraced our theme of “Getting Out the Give” this year. We had 147 donors – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even the kids themselves – who contributed to the campaign.

By raising nearly $23,000, we will be able to deliver on support to our kids and teachers all year long. Kids will be able to go out to the garden with Tara and listen to Roger tell stories at Monday Morning Meeting. Teachers will be supported with funds for professional development, creative approach, and classroom supplies. Community events, like the Science Fair and the Pathfinder Olympics, will go on!

All of this is thanks to you. Pathfinder is fortunate to have such a supportive community. We couldn’t do it without you.

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How to Stay Informed at Pathfinder

graphic of a megaphoneAre you still figuring out how to find answers to your questions about music, sports, after school programs, lunches, field trips, snacks, buses, testing, etc. etc.? You are not alone!

The good news is that there are several ways you can access information about what’s up at Pathfinder K-8.

Here’s a handy list of ways to stay informed. Whether you want information delivered to your email inbox, or you’d like to be able to find what you are looking for online, or in hard copy, there are many outlets for the information you need.

Happy reading!

Questions about PTSA Communications at Pathfinder K-8? Contact Gillian Maguire: nelson DOT cat AT live DOT com.

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Welcome to Our New Auction Chairs!

pathfinderPTSA tinyIt is with much excitement that we welcome Laura Murray and Ginny Woo to the leadership team of the board as our 2016-2017 Auction Chairs.

Laura took on a major project last year by redoing our Pathfinder Family Directory from start to finish, leaving us with a beautiful, current directory for the first time in a few years. She has two children at Pathfinder.

Ginny has served on the Executive Board as a PTSA Board Member and also has two children at Pathfinder. They both show up for Field Trips and other events and have already started work on this year’s auction. They are a dynamic team!

Thank you Laura and Ginny for being our Auction Chairs! An additional thank you to those of you who offered suggestions and lent your support to the effort to recruit our chairs this year. It takes a village!

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