We want you!

We Want You!We’re already planning for next year’s PTSA and there are plenty of opportunities to serve on next year’s board!

1. Treasurer – custodian of PTSA funds/tracking and recording all financial transactions/working with outgoing treasurer/monthly budget report at PTSA board meetings/executive committee board member/background in accounting practices as well as finances in non-profits helpful – Requires approximately 1-3 hours per week. Contact Jennifer Babuca at jb@babuca.com.

2. Volunteer Coordinator – A great opportunity for someone who prefers to volunteer from home! Primary responsibility is to recruit volunteers from the volunteer pool as events come up. A lot of emailing involved! Attends PTSA board meetings as a board member and liaison. Contact Molly Usry at molly@nimblepoint.com for more information.

Feel free to also contact PTSA President, Odetta Owen at miss_oo@hotmail.com with any questions!

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Excel help needed for Family Directory in September

1-IMG_0735The PTSA Communications Team is looking for someone proficient at Excel to help with organizing data for the 2016-2017 Family Directory in early September.

  • Work from home.
  • 10 hours or less.

Contact Laura Murray at lauramurray3@comcast.net for more information or to volunteer.

Thank you.

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New school bell schedule for 2016-2017

Seattle Public Schools has published the bell schedule for the 2016-2017 school year. Check out the bell schedule for all schools throughout the district here: 2016-2017 School Bell Schedule

2016-2017 start and end times

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New budget, new PTSA officers!

playground compassAt last week’s year end celebration the budget for 2016-2017 and next year’s executive committee were overwhelmingly approved. You can review next year’s budget. It is no longer “proposed” but actual!

Officers for next year:

  • Odetta Owen – President
  • Sarah Steinke – Vice-President
  • Sigrid Brunet – Secretary
  • Jennifer Babuca – Co-Treasurer
  • (one position still remains, an additional co-treasurer, maybe YOU)

We happily welcome back Gillian Maguire (Communications), Susan Elderkin (Fundraising), Suzi Zurek (Membership), Tasha Mosher (Earth Project), Chris Kindem (Middle School Liaison) and Cecelia Lehmann (Legislative).

We are thrilled to have Karen Hogan Li (Volunteer Committee) and Holli Margell (Bullying Prevention) Jules Strong (Autism Liaison) join us and grateful to Ceceila Lehmann for taking on Wreaths next year along with Legislative. Welcome Maureen Clark who will be Co-Coordinating the Earth Project with Tasha Mosher.

Lari Garrison and Greg Goldstein return in the capacity of Autism Liaison and Safety Committee Liaison respectively.

Pat Hanulick, Chris Kindem, and Flip Fortier remain with us as our Financial Review Committee and Kelly Guenther and Lisa Wharf join us as in the capacities of marketing and consulting respectively.

We would love to have a co-chair for Legislative, especially during the Wreath season! We are excited to see what next year brings in the life of PTSA and Pathfinder!

-by Odetta Owen, PTSA President, miss_oo@hotmail.com

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Proposed PTSA budget for 2016-2017

PTSA red and black compass SQUAREUpdate:  The proposed budget was approved at the June 9 General PTSA Meeting.

The proposed budget for the PTSA for 2016-17 and helpful pie charts are at the top of this Budget page.

Questions about the budget can be directed to our Co-Treasurer, Jennifer Babuca:  jb@babuca.com

Please join us for a presentation and vote on this budget at the General PTSA meeting this Thursday, June 9, from 5:00-6:00.  See more information about the meeting here.

Everyone is welcome to this end-of-year celebration!


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2016-17 school year calendar

image by flickr user, PG.NETO, licensed CC 2.0.

image by flickr user, PG.NETO, licensed CC 2.0.

Did you know?

The school year calendar for 2016-17 is now published on the Seattle Public Schools website.

A printable PDF of the key dates for the 2016-17 school year is also available here.

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Boxtops and Morgan Thriftway receipts!

box topsSummer’s coming, but you can keep keep collecting those Box Tops and Morgan Thriftway receipts!

Each Box Top brings 10¢, and Morgan Thriftway donates 1% of the total on every receipt.

For more details on how you can Shop and Earn for Pathfinder, check out this information.

Thank you!

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Shop Amazon and earn $ for Pathfinder

amazon_assoc-ads_feature-tile_180x150Don’t forget to use the Amazon Affiliate link over the summer – it’s active and generating income for our school all year long.

Bookmark this Affiliate link now!

For more ways to shop and earn for Pathfinder, check out this information.

Thank you!

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Wreath garden at Pathfinder

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.  All things are bound together.  All things connect.” – Chief Seattle

Tara smiling with lots of plants in the backgroundThe mission of The Earth Project is simple: To build connections to the earth and to one another. Yet manifesting that mission in an active school environment can be a challenge. Parents are busy. Children have a lot on their plates. Gardening is not a Common Core subject. Despite any of that, our garden educator Tara Migliore-Potter is working with the help of Earth Project (EP) volunteers to weave that thread of connection ever stronger.

EP volunteers meet the school where it is at this point and time. We look at the web of school life and see how the garden and conservation projects connect us all. Enter the Pathfinder Wreath Garden. Every winter, Pathfinder volunteers scour bushes, shrubs, trees, and Christmas Tree lots for greenery to create wreaths that fund our Outdoor Education program. Our idea for a wreath garden came from this tradition – We could start our own grove of attractive wreath-worthy plants!

Tara started picking out plants today for the wreath space. It will take some work to prepare the area for planting – our children are proficient pruners and weeders and will make quick work of it. There will also be an education piece to this project informing teachers, staff, students, and visitors that this area will include plants that are not for nibbling. However, we have taken care to select plants with very low toxicity to protect anyone who does venture a taste. We envision that this will be an area that will grow to include more plants, adding winter color and providing a beautiful buffer on the edge of the Pathfinder Garden.

For more information about how you can help with the Pathfinder garden, contact Tara at tamigliore(at)seattleschools.org.

by Tasha Mosher

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Why I became a PTSA member: Suzi’s Story

Suzi Zurek smilingSuzi's Story JPEG

I joined Pathfinder PTSA because I heard that parents of middle schoolers tend to disappear from the hallways. I feel this is an important time in kids’ lives. I want to stay involved, have a voice, and know what’s happening at school.

Suzi Zurek, Membership Chair

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