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Grand Playground Opening, and More Painting!

Playground Party 039The playground grand opening was wonderful. Many people were there. The playground was fun and full. Everyone ate ice cream. We cut a ribbon. It was awesome. Thank you so much for all the help.







a child spins with head thrown backEach day I see the joy of play on kids’ faces. I see kindergarteners learning to count to 30 as they wait in line to spin.

They negotiate the time and change it. I see kids figuring out how to play together on the teeter totter.





Playground Party 068cl

Besides the physics of it, they are deciding what is safe for them, how to play with others, how to direct others, how to listen to others, and they are learning that they can leave when group fun is not fun anymore. It really is amazing.






The old playground is still being used and loved, especially by the kindergarteners– which is perfect. They are finding what is fun and appropriate for them. They don’t have to be in a crowded place, or they can be if they choose to be.

The rocks behind the new playground is a wonderful place for kids who want to be near action, but not in it.

painting playgroundThis weekend four Pathfinder parents (Anne Marie, Jami, Toni & Chris) Gretchen Dedecker (self-help project coordinator at SPS) and a group of about 9 W.S.Kiwanis volunteers, painted the playground.





A big thank you to Pathfinder’s instructional assistant Stephanie Brownfield, who volunteered and who gathered the Kiwanis volunteers for this project. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Our tetherball poles are now ready to host some 20151017_150633games, the bases on the large kickball square are brightly visible, some of the river has been refreshed, and our new clan animals are represented on the blacktop. Go see if you can find the Rabbits and the Kingfishers. Thank you so much Ann Marie for the beautiful stencils!


– Toni Wells, Playground Committee, Posted on October 19, 2015

>>Visit the Playground Blog

Thank you to Holly Rikhof for taking many of these photos

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Wreath Presales Going Really Well

Great News!Wreath Dark Green Logo

We just reached $6000 in wreath presales! We’re off to a great start!

Funds raised go to the Outdoor Education program.

Thank you for all your efforts.

– Heather Pletschett

>> Clan Wreath Making Schedule

>> Wreath Things to Know 2015


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Bring us your greens and lovely ornamentals!

Wreath Materials PDF Link Image 2015Clip clip!

We are ready for greens and all your lovely ornamentals!

It’s wreath making time!

Just drop them off at the Wreath Shop and we will make them into magic this weekend!

Contact Heather Pletschett for the Wreath Shop code. ( (206)384-7146

We could also use a few tables, heaters and shop lights.

Two tables for writing tags, etc. will stay relatively clean. Three or so will have wreath materials on them and may get sticky/dirty.

For pictures and ideas of what types of ornamental make our wreaths amazing, look at this info:

>>Wreath Material

>>Clan Wreath Making Schedule

>>Thigs to know about wreaths

If you want to join the planning fun contact

Heather Pletschett ( (206)384-7146


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Seattle School Board Meeting – Nov 18

scales of justice, gavel books graphicThank you to Cecelia Lehmann, Legislative Chair of the Pathfinder PTSA for explaining the issues being considered by the Seattle School Board at this evening’s meeting: 

I just wanted to give everyone a last minute reminder of the school board meeting on Wed. Nov. 18, 2015 at 4:15pm.

There are three main things on the agenda:

1) School Bell Times: Unless it gets postponed for some unforeseen reason this will be the vote on approval of the bell times.
2) Student Assignment Plan revisions: This has been modified a lot from what I posted on the webpage two weeks ago. The only 2 changes are now waitlists dissolved on May 31 and (currently it’s Sept 30) and also the distance tiebreaker for attendance area schools will be removed.
When I attended a community meeting about the SAP last week I asked what will happen after May 31 to open spaces. The current plan is that they will go to new families that move into the district.
On the Student Assignment Plan issue I would recommend sending comments to school board primarily but you can also cc it to:

3) Superintendent evaluation and raise: Dr. Nyland is up for a potentially $13,000 (5%+COLA) raise if approved by the school board.

While the speaker slots are full for tonight, you can always express your opinion to the school board in an email directed to:




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Power has been restored at school!

UPDATE Email from Seattle Public Schools

Dear Families,

Power has been restored at both Alki Elementary and Pathfinder K-8. Both schools are on regular schedules.

-Office of Public Affairs

Here’s how the morning unfolded at Pathfinder K-8!

No mere power outage will stop this crew from running this school!

No mere power outage will stop this crew from running this school!

Odetta Owen was first to let us know this morning that the power was out at Pathfinder, due to the strong winds, via her Weekly Digest email list, and the PTSA Facebook page.  Thank you Odetta!







This was Odetta’s message earlier this morning:

ANNOUNCEMENT! THE POWER IS OUT AT PATHFINDER. ALL STUDENTS ARE SECURE, SAFE IN THEIR CLASSROOMS. Please do not come to school. We are running the day and will keep you advised via this page and the Weekly Digest email and website. Everyone is fine! We are about to take manual attendance and I will keep you informed.

>>To subscribe to Odetta’s Weekly Digest, email her at

Shortly thereafter, Assistant Principal, Lisa Clayton shared this fun update:

image by flickr user, PG.NETO, licensed CC 2.0.

image by flickr user, PG.NETO, licensed CC 2.0.

“Hi all. Just went to all the classrooms and all children are learning. One student told me it was the best day ever. Blue Heron’s are using camp lights, Snakes are working my phone light and all is well.”

Thank you to Seattle City Light for getting the power restored so swiftly!

>>Follow this link to a Seattle Times article about today’s weather conditions.

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Direct Give News!

thank you jpeg

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Wreaths 2015 Things to Know

Wreath Dark Green LogoWhy?

To help fund Outdoor Education programs and Clan camping trips

 Pre-Order Form

Drop off at Front Desk or email Heather

Pick up

Wreath shop

If you haven’t ordered

No problem, go to the wreath shop and pick out your favorites! Drop your money/tag at the office


  • Making and selling wreaths is the best way to build Clan Funds
  • Make sure your tags are filled out completely and turned in

Example: Wreath sells for $35

Wreath maker gets 40% ~ Clan seller gets 40%

How else to Build Clan Funds

10% of the sale of each wreath goes to those who:

Bringing in clippings for making the wreaths

Preparing greens (clipping and organizing the wreath shop)

Join the wreath committee

Clean up the Wreath Shop

>> Follow this link to LOG your time in the Wreath Shop book under your clan to get credit

 Wreath Shop! Is always open so pull together a group and have fun.


>>Farmers Market: Follow this link to volunteer to sell or set up/tear down

November 29th 10-2

December 6th 10-2

December 13th 10-2

Our Goal? $12,000 total … This equals 400 wreaths to be made and sold.


With questions or to join the fun reach out to

Heather Pletschett ( (206)384-7146

For the safety of our students the Wreath shop needs to remain locked but we encourage people to make wreaths on their own time during the day, evenings or weekends. Call Heather for the code or check in at the office. Please lock up when you leave.

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Intro to Wreaths 2015

Wreath Dark Green Logo

Included in your packet

  • Wreath season schedule
  • Things to know
  • What to clip images
  • Wreath order forms

 Wreath season schedule

  • Pre-sale competition Nov 1st to Nov 20th
  • Pre-sales forms much be submitted to the office by EOD Nov 20 to qualify.
  • Wreath shop set up Nov 20th 6pm
  • Clan nights Nov 29th to Dec 15th
  • Stay tuned for your specific clan night
  • Farmers Market Sales Nov 29th, Dec 6th and Dec 13th
  • Volunteers needed. Sign up Genius coming soon

 Things to know about wreaths

What to Clip

Wreath Order Forms


If you want to join the planning fun contact

Heather Pletschett ( (206)384-7146

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Special Education Meeting – Nov 10

West Seattle Regional Special Education Meeting
Tuesday, November 10, 2015
6 – 7 p.m.
West Seattle High School Library
3000 California Ave. SW

The Special Education Department is hosting Regional Meetings for families and the community to learn about changes that are happening in Special Education in Seattle Public Schools.

We want to listen to you and hear your questions. Please join Wyeth Jessee, the Executive Director of Special Education; Michaela Clancy, Director of Special Education; Kari Hanson, Director of School Based Special Education Services; the Regional Supervisor for your area; the Special Education Ombudsperson and more Special Education staff.

We will have representatives from the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), The ARC of King County, and the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation available to share resources.

Supervised children’s activities, light snack, and interpreters are provided. Hope to see you there!

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