Sign up for Staff Appreciation Week

Staff Appreciation week is coming up beginning on May 1 and ending on May 5th, and we are planning several days of pampering for our wonderful teachers and staff.

We have lots of folks who signed up to bring lunch and there’s still a couple of breakfast slots left but we still need tidy uppers. The job isn’t glamorous but just as important. And it’s even more fun if you bring a friend to help too!

We always want to leave a space better than we found it. So please consider singing up to help clean up.

Sign up here!

Questions?  Send a message to Molly Gras-Usry and Karen Hogan.


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PTSA General Meeting Tonight will be Rescheduled Soon

Pathfinder K8 PTSA Compass LogoThe General Meeting scheduled for April 18, is postponed. It will be rescheduled soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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You Can Still Join in a Group Party!

Rocks stars! There are still group events open!

Sign up online here,  or use an order form at the office and drop in a check.

Upcoming events in chronological order (pull out your calendar!):

  • April 23  3pm – 7pm: Happy Bites Italian Cooking Party (adults)
  • April 29 7pm-9pm: Exclusive Frenzi and Secret Closet Shopping Party (adults)
  • April 30 10am: Healing Garden, Make Your Own Balms and Salves (ages 12 and over)
  • May 5 6pm – 9am: The Famous Pathfinder Sleepover with David and Lisa (kid only – K-8)
  • May 6 9am-12pm: Capture the Flag and BBQ with the Water Hall (see how nicely this fits with the sleepover!) (all ages)
  • May 6 7pm: Sunset Photography Playdate (bring camera and kid)
  • May 12 6pm – 8pm: Disney Singalong with Victoria (K-5)
  • May 13 6pm – 9pm: Whiskey Tasting – A Tour of the Best Whiskeys of the World (adults only)
  • June 3 2pm – 6 pm: Bowls, Beers and Barbecue (skateboard party) (adults only)
  • June 10 late afternoon-dusk: Pathfinder Guys Hacker Golf Tournament (adults only, and women welcome too :))
  • June 17 6pm – 9pm: Al Fresco Dinner (adults only)
  • June 17 5:30pm – 9pm: Middle School Bonfire at Alki (lines up with the Al Fresco dinner!)

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New Spring After School Program Catalog

All registrations except for Sing Out Seattle Presents Mary Poppins are due on Thursday April 20, 2017.

Online registration for Sing Out Seattle Presents Mary Poppins are due on Thursday April 13, 2017 which is during spring break. Payment for Mary Poppins is due April 20, 2017.

Classes occur weekly beginning Monday April 24, 2017 (Sing Out Seattle Presents Mary Poppins begins April 17). Classes end Friday, June 16 (TOTES AWES – Tote Bag Design will hold final class on June 24). There are no courses during the spring early dismissal day: Wednesday May 10. Please mark these dates on your calendar!

You may register for courses at pathfinderasp.org.

Please contact Katie Kadwell using the Contact Us page, if you need a paper registration form or have other questions.

Payment is still by paper via the PTSA box in the office at school. Make checks payable to Pathfinder PTSA.

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Staff Appreciation Week

One of the best gigs around is coordinating the events for Staff Appreciation week May 1st-5th.

Pathfinder’s staff rocks so it’s always a pleasure putting together a week of treats and fun events for them to enjoy.

This position can easily be done by one person but is super fun to share as a family or with another parent.

Contact Odetta on our Contact Us page here.

Thank you!

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Be a library rock star!

Image result for rockstarOur library needs to replace lost series titles and add kids’ wish list books to our collection—and you can help! How?

Donate to the Pathfinder Library fund at  http://www.titlewish.com/1090772  You will be helping the kids have MORE BOOKS—always a good thing—and your donation is tax deductible.  We’d love your support, especially f you weren’t able to attend the auction!

Anyone can donate—families, friends, relatives—and if your child has a library fine, you can count this as payment. Just let Kathy know so she can take it off the library record.

The fundraiser ends on 5/1/17!

On Tuesday, June 20, Usborne Books will be here for a one day book fair! All books are $5.00, so send $5.00, $10.00 or $20.00. A good bargain on your end, and no need to make change on ours!

A shelf of sample books will be available the week before for kids to browse, and expect a money envelope to come home a day or two before!

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/c2/4a/e8/c24ae84f745a09c61761048e58be76df.jpghttps://cdn.usborne.com/catalogue/covers/eng/max_covers/9781409536550.jpg?width=960&mode=minhttp://cdn.usborne.com/catalogue/covers/eng/max_covers/9781409581598.jpg?width=960Related image Fairy Unicorns Magic Forest



Kathy Egawa | SPS Librarian

Pathfinder K8 | Mail Stop WT-216

1901 SW Genesee St. | Seattle 98106

www.pathfinderlibrary.com | @libraryquestion


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Thank you rock stars! You really rocked it!

Our annual PTSA Pathfinder Auction made over $91,000!

This was truly a community effort and a huge thank you goes out to everyone. From our tireless parent volunteers that worked all year to make this one night happen, to our staff for donating their time to host group events, for making space in their day for class art and for letting us take their picture for “an idea” we had to help promote the auction. To our kids for making priceless art that raised over $17,000. To David and Lisa for performances that continue to go above and beyond. To all the Fund-A-Need donors that gave over $12,000 to put toward a new sound system so our kids’ voices can be heard. And last but far from least, to all the rock stars that brought down the house Saturday night.

Each and everyone one of us gives in our own way and together we really rocked it!

Thank you,

Ginny Woo and Laura Murray
2017 Auction Co-Chairs

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How to Signup for Group Events

Tour the best Whiskeys in the World

Tour the best Whiskeys in the World

Thanks to everyone who signed up for Group Events at our Auction kickoff at the General PTSA meeting January 10. But don’t worry, there are lots of spaces in events still available!

Follow this link to buy your Group Events online.

What’s a group event?

Group events are activities organized by Pathfinder staff, teachers, and families to get together,  have fun and raise money for Pathfinder! Think of them as ‘buy-in parties.’

How does it work?

Find an activity you or your child are interested and then buy a spot! Events typically range from $20-40 per space and are usually scheduled on weekends. There are scholarships for kid events – simply talk to your teacher.

What kinds of activities are being offered?

Follow this link to see the complete Group Events catalog and buy your spaces online.

There is something for everyone–sports, crafts, games, and socializing for kids and adults.

For more information, contact Jodi Connolly and Molly Lukens Dompe

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Join Newly Formed Diversity Task Force

colored-fabricOn the heels of the SEA sponsored Black Lives Matter event on the 19th, we as your PTSA
Board continue to discuss issues of diversity in our school and how best to meet the chal-
lenges of addressing those issues.

The following is a statement from PTA National taken from their Inclusivity and Diversity Policy:

PTAs everywhere must understand and embrace the uniqueness of all individuals, appreciating that each contributes a diversity of views, experiences, cultural heritage/traditions, skills/abilities, values and preferences.

The recognition of diversity within organizations is valuing differences and similarities in people through actions and accountability.

These differences and similarities include age, ethnicity, language and culture, economic status, educational background, gender, geographic location, marital status, mental ability, national origin, organizational position and tenure, parental status, physical ability, political philosophy, race, religion, sexual orientation, and work experience.

Therefore PTAs at every level must:

  • Openly assess beliefs and practices to assure inclusiveness and guard against discrimination;
  • Make every effort to create a PTA board and membership that is inclusive and reflective of its community;
  • Encourage that all PTA activities at the school be planned by a committee which is representative of the population;
  • Foster programs and practices that eliminate bias, prejudice and misunderstanding within their communities;
  • Become acquainted with the leaders of the many diverse groups in the community and collaborate with them to increase parent, family and community involvement;
  • Educate its leaders and members to the needs, cultural beliefs, traditions and family structures of the population they serve; and
  • Propose change wherever discriminatory practices are perceived.

We, your Pathfinder PTSA board are determined to meet these standards through focused work done by a task force that will report back to the board.

Myself and a handful of other interested parents have agreed to be on this task force but would love to have more parents join us so that we can have, represented in the discussion, a balanced informed dialogue that will help us be standard bearers of the above criteria.

Please consider joining us in this important conversation, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you,


(Follow this link to read the entire policy)

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Direct Give Raises $22,400!

Thank youThank you for making Pathfinder PTSA’s annual Direct Give such a great success. You certainly embraced our theme of “Getting Out the Give” this year. We had 147 donors – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even the kids themselves – who contributed to the campaign.

By raising nearly $23,000, we will be able to deliver on support to our kids and teachers all year long. Kids will be able to go out to the garden with Tara and listen to Roger tell stories at Monday Morning Meeting. Teachers will be supported with funds for professional development, creative approach, and classroom supplies. Community events, like the Science Fair and the Pathfinder Olympics, will go on!

All of this is thanks to you. Pathfinder is fortunate to have such a supportive community. We couldn’t do it without you.

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