Calling All Auction Items!

hands holding daisiesIt’s our final push to acquire auction items for this year’s Superhero Auction on March 5th, and we need your talent, your connections and your goodies to make it a success! Is there something YOU can donate this year? Ideas include:

  • Vacation Homes
  • Professional Services
  • Sports Tickets
  • Artwork, Crafts & Jewelry
  • Unique Experiences
  • Techie Toys & Games
  • Gift Certificates
  • Kitchy Items or Collectibles
  • Sports or Music Memorabilia
  • Wine or Spirits
  • Homemade Desserts for auction night

Last year, we raised $23,000 just from items that the Pathfinder community brought in. Be a Superhero and donate an item today!

Deadline for donations: February 22.

>>Auction donation forms can be printed from here, or look for them outside the front office at school. You may drop off gift certificates and items in the Calling All Superheroes Procurement Box in the office.


>> Contact Jenny at jkancich@msn.com


* thank you to Bill Reiswig for permission to show his art

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The story behind the Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way Award

PTSA red and black compass SQUAREEach year the Pathfinder community honors a person from the Pathfinder community, in honor of a student named Will Tibbits way back in 1998 or 1999.

At that time Will was one of a few students with autism that was not in a self-contained program. Angel and George, Will’s parents fought very hard to keep Will in general education. Even when IEP meeting recommendations may have been that a smaller class size with more services may serve him better, they said no and kept him at Pathfinder. This was back in the day when Pathfinder had one special education program, the resource room.

Will attended the K-5 part of our school and then moved on to our middle school. He graduated from our school and went on to Nova to complete his high schooling and currently attends Bellevue College. Angel and George knew that he was well cared for, loved by all and served at a very high level. It wasn’t always easy but collaborative efforts to serve Will never wavered.

Will is now a successful young man, living on his own, working and supporting himself. He achieved this when some didn’t think he could.

The Tibbits family loves Pathfinder. They created this award recognition in the spirit of Will. Each year we honor a staff member, parent, community member or volunteer, who does an outstanding job of helping our children learn and develop, and does so in the “spirit of Pathfinder” – through dedication, innovative thinking, creativity and honoring the differences, strengths and uniqueness of each child.

The award will be presented at this year’s auction, March 5th.

Nominations are due Friday, February 26, 2016.

>> Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way form [PDF]

>> For further information, visit this page

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Seattle Public Schools Levies PASS

Both Seattle School Levies have passed by over 70%.

>>Go to King County Elections for more details.

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The Future is Waiting: Buy Your Auction Tickets!


Pathfinder’s future is worth it! Let’s fight for it!

Saturday, March 5th, Calling All Superheroes Auction.

>> Buy your tickets!!

Thank you for making Pathfinder a great place to learn!

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February and March Group Events

Pierogis and Beer

Pierogis and Beer

Sign up now! There is space for you and your kiddos in many of our fun parties. Last year, group events brought in about $9,000 of the total raised by the Auction!

February and March Events:

  • February 19: Sky Hall Kids, Parents Night Out
  • February 26: Library Pajama Night
  • February 27: Rockstar Karaoke Night (Adults)
  • March 4: Leanna’s Gym Extravaganza
  • March 12: NW Oysters and Beer (Adults) *only 2 spaces left*
  • March 18: Pizza and Game Night with Earth Hall Teachers (K-1 welcome – your kids can hang with their 2-3 Teachers)
  • March 18: Pierogis and Beer (Adults)
  • March 19: Whiskey Tasting (Adults)
  • March 20: Raising Backyard Chickens and Coop Tour (Family)
  • March 25: Disney Sing Along with Victoria

 Sign up now for these and other great events:  http://pfk8.schoolauction.net/2016/

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Run to Get Your Auction Tickets!

1-o-FRANKLIN-RICHARDS-QUOTES-570Calling All Superheroes: don’t walk, RUN THROUGH THOSE AUCTION DOORS, Saturday, March 5th!!

>> Buy your tickets now!

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Superhero Information Booth is Open for Business

Calling All Superheroes orange posterDo you have questions about our March 5th Pathfinder Annual Auction?  We’ve got the answers!

On the following days, you will  find members of the Auction Squad ready to help!

Look for us by the entry ready to answer questions regarding tickets, group events, and of course, donations!

You can even cross stuff off your to do  list – Bring your checkbook to sign up for group events or buy your tickets!

  • Friday, February 5, in the morning at drop off time

  • Tuesday, Feb 9 and 23, in the morning at drop off time

  • Wednesdays, Feb 10 and 17, in the afternoon at pick up time

>> More information about Group Events!

>> More information about Tickets!

>> More information about Donations!

>> Questions? Email the auction chairs: Jenny, Julie and Elizabeth at pathfinderk8auction@gmail.com

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Incredibles_frozoneFrozone: Where is my super suit?

Frozone’s Wife: What?


Frozone’s Wife: Why do you need to know?

Frozone: I NEED IT!

Fronzone’s Wife: Uh-huh.


Frozone’s Wife: “Greater good?” I’m your wife! I am the GREATEST good you are EVER gonna get!

* * * * * * * * *

Are these conversations happening in your household? Good! Dust off the old super suit and bust through the doors of Pathfinder’s Calling All Superheroes Auction, Saturday, March 5th!!

>> Follow this link to purchase your tickets right now!

>> Follow this link for information about Donations, Group Events, Where There’s a Will There’s A Way Award, Clan Art and more!

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Seattle Council PTSA urges a Yes Vote on School Levies

Two critically important school levies are on the February 9 Ballot. Pathfinder PTSA joins with Seattle Council PTSA to urge a YES vote on the renewal of these levies.

  1. The Operations Levy provides 25% of the Seattle Public Schools operating budget.  Without these funds – $758.3 million over three years – our schools’ budgets would be devastated.
  2. The Capital Levy (BTA IV) will provide much needed funding to expand school capacity and support classroom technology, academics and athletics.

>> For more information, visit: www.schoolsfirstseattle.org

>> Map of ballot drop box locations.

SchoolsFirst – Vote YES! from Barta Pictures on Vimeo.

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Sign up for Group Events

Parent's Night Out - Sky Hall Kids

Parent’s Night Out – Sky Hall Kids

There are still spaces for you and your kiddos in the following group events. Last year, group events brought in about $9000 of the total raised by the Auction! Funds are used to pay for programs for the kids at Pathfinder.

>> Sign up for Group Events


  • February 19: Sky Hall Kids Parents’ Night Out – only 4 spaces left

  • February 26: Library Pajama Night – only 2 spaces left

  • February 27: Rockstar Karaoke Night

  • March 4: “March Forth!” Leanna’s Gym Extravaganza

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Science Fair — Printable Information and Participation Form!

scifair3It’s time to sign up to participate in Pathfinder K-8’s annual science fair!

The fair will take place on Thursday, March 24th during school (1:30-3pm)

and again in the evening (5:30-7).

All students are encouraged to participate.

Last year we had over 150 participants – our biggest year ever!

Students received information about the fair and permission forms on January 25th.

Permission forms, explaining the intended project, will be due by February 12th (turned into the front desk or clan teacher).

We will have two after-school help sessions dedicated to helping students choose a project and formulate a plan. We will be available to brainstorm with you in the library on Thursday, January 28th and again on Tuesday, February 9th from 3:15-4:30pm.

Be thinking about project ideas!

Contact Holly at holly.rikhof@comcast.net or Bill at billreiswig@gmail.com with questions, or to volunteer to be part of the fun.

An information, guidelines, and participation form should be available from your teacher. But if it has been lost or you need to print another, it is available below.

>>Print 2016 Science Fair Info and Guidelines

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