Staff Appreciation at Pathfinder

Some of the expressions of love and appreciation for our fabulous staff at Pathfinder.

– Photos by Holly Rikhof.

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Special efforts for David and Lisa

IMG_0423Today was the day to provide a surprise lunch for David and Lisa.

Lisa promptly sat down to enjoy a Chaco Canyon lunch of soup and salad, with some yum Bakery Nouveau macarons for dessert, while a lovely orchid nodded approval.

David was out today, but he too received the VIP treatment with a gift certificate to Mashiko, his favorite West Seattle sushi restaurant, some macarons and an orchid to brighten his office.

Thank you to David and Lisa for all of the visible and behind-the scenes work you do to make Pathfinder K-8 a great place to learn.

– The PTSA Board

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Lead Clan Coordinator Opening

hands of people together standing in a circlePosition available on our PTSA board for 2016-17

We are looking for a motivated, organized, outgoing person to lead a team of clan coordinators next school year.

Get to know teachers, parents and administration at the school with this exciting opportunity.

Please contact me for details: Karie Koltz:

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Staff Appreciation Week!

IMG_0392It’s Staff Appreciation Week at Pathfinder

There will be breakfasts, lunches, massages, flowers, thank you cards, and messages big and small to all of our teachers, instructional assistants, specialists, custodians, office staff, administrators, principal and vice principal, kitchen staff, bus drivers, Blazing Trails staff — all of the many, many people who keep Pathfinder k-8 a great place to learn for our kids.

Thank you all!

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Bakesale results are in!


Our tiny Talent Show bake sale raised $230.15!!

It looks like a new microphone is on order for the music department!

A big thank you to the volunteers and bakers!

– by Lashanna Williams



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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo and help support our school!

tequilaJoin Pathfinder parents and friends as we taste tequila and celebrate Cinco de Mayo… on Siete de Mayo (Saturday the 7th of May). We’ll open the doors at 7pm.Tequila is treated much like scotch and whiskey in some parts of Mexico. And once you’ve tasted a sipping tequila, you may never go back to Cuervo Gold. We’ll be grilling carne asada and serving Mexican fare. Tasting will be done on a rooftop deck if the weather allows, and we’ll learn the differences between blanco, reservado, and anejõ tequilas. We’ll even make authentic margaritas from the original recipe for you to try.

Raise a toast to Pathfinder and your friends on Saturday night the 7th. It’s going to be a great time.

Sign up now!

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Compass April 20, 2016

Compass 4.20.16 final

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Online Book Fair coming in May!

Usborne Books & More LogoMark your calendars!

May 17th-24th the Pathfinder Library will be holding its first online book fair with Usborne Books.

We get a number of requests for their nonfiction books in particular, including Illustrated Folk Tales, world war history books, animal books for as little as $4.99, and historical paper dolls.

Our West Seattle Usborne rep will bring preview copies of some of the titles which we’ll set up in the library display cases, but the whole catalog will be available for online purchasing! This is a perfect way for out-of-town relatives to support the school. The library will earn 50% of sales in redeemable in new Usborne books!

– by Kathy Egawa, Librarian

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Massage therapists needed for staff appreciation week

Pathfinder K-8 staff appreciation week is coming up

We are in search of massage therapists to help us make sure all the Pathfinder K-8 staff is treated to a shortened session of bodywork.

May 3 – 5

9am – 11am  and  2pm – 3pm  – Not an all day commitment – note the time slots in the Signup Genius.

We can do this!!

All volunteers will be invited to a special Coloring Party at the Cuddle Club as a thank you for your efforts.

Location: Pathfinder K8 1901 SW Genesee

Volunteer on this Signup Genius

Questions? Contact Lashanna Williams:

Thank you!

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What is Permaculture?

Permaculture: from Permanent Culture, a set of agricultural or social design principles which simulate or directly use the patterns and features of natural ecosystems and create gardens and communities which are sustainable and self-sufficient.

Permaculture offers a set of values and guiding principles we use to cultivate our garden in balance with nature. We choose to garden in this way because it builds up the resilience and productivity of the garden, making it a more complex and dynamic system which needs less resources and input from us.

Nasturtiums attract aphids

Nasturtiums attract aphids

One of the major differences between permaculture and organic gardening is the focus on long term stability in the system. For
example, in an organic garden we might spray for aphids with soapy water. Though effective and safe for humans, the spray can still harm other helpful insects in the garden and needs to be applied repeatedly. In a permaculture garden we could plant nasturtiums, which the aphids love to eat instead of our vegetables, and yarrow which helps attract lady bugs to eat the aphids. Our intention is to encourage nature to do the work for us and to find balance with the aphids.

In our garden program, we value the way permaculture integrates systems thinking, care and respect for nature, and collaboration. We animate the design principles and values in everything from how we plant our garden beds, to how we greet one another and make space for all voices. Our students can see permaculture working all around them in the garden, and experience it in the way we teach, work, and learn together. It is our hope that the ideas and values of permaculture carry forward with students beyond the garden and are tools we can all use to create a more just and sustainable future.

Learn more about Permaculture principles in action by joining other families at the Spring Garden Build – Saturday April 23rd 10 am to 2 pm. What a great way to get your family outdoors to celebrate Earth Day, and there will be pizza!

– by Tara Migliore-Potter

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