Use Signup Genius to Volunteer for Pumpkin Carving on October 27

pumpkin being carvedOctober 27, we’re going to need a few parents for the following:

* Set Up – 5:30-6
* Clean Up – 8-8:30
* Baking some treats to set the festive mood!!!
* Pam would like a couple of middle school students to help monitor the pumpkin gut bins throughout the two hours to make sure that they don’t get too full or too heavy to lift.

Please go to this Signup Genius to volunteer to help at Pumpkin Carving!

Please contact Pam Crotty, at pamcrotty@gmail.com or karenhogan@rocketmail.com to let them know you would like to help and/or coordinate baking goodies.

Thank you!

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Don’t miss Family Charter Workshop, Nov 3

Download (PDF, 264KB)

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2 New Classes in After School Program Catalog – Sign Up Now!

profiles of two people with information moving back and forth between their brains

After School Program

Happy Bites and Keyboarding Classes are now in the Updated Fall After School Program Catalog – check it out!

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Volunteer with the After School Program

hands of people together standing in a circleParents and middle schoolers can volunteer in exchange for a discount on after school classes and/or SPS service hours.

Teachers are responsible for checking in their own students, however the after school program needs volunteers to help with this process, especially during the first week. We need people who can help kids find their teacher and help teachers and parents find the correct rooms. This job consists of about 15 minutes at the beginning and end of after school classes, Monday through Friday.

If you are interested in volunteering for this position you can contact Katie at curtiskadwellfamily@gmail.com.

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Earth Project sells Chinook Books for month of October

cb1The Earth Project has your Chinook Book coupon book for the upcoming year. We are selling combo packages this year including one book plus one app code – $30 to save at West Seattle businesses like Easy Street, Bartell’s, West Seattle Nursery, Dubsea Coffee, PCC, Curious Kidstuff, the Junction True Value and much much more. You can even use your app in Chinook Book partner cities – Portland and San Francisco – to find conscious businesses and save dollars abroad. There will be a handful of apps ($15) and books ($22) available. More info on Chinook Books can be found on their website here.

Fifty percent of all Chinook Book sales comes back to our school. All funds raised support The Earth Project – a program of the Pathfinder PTSA – and this year Chinook Book profits will fund the purchase of compostable wares so that onsite school events send less to the waste stream. Sales will take place throughout the month of October. You will find us tabling at the Harvest Potluck or you can reserve yours today by emailing pathfinderearthproject@gmail.com. Imagine how you can use yours…

You picked up this year’s Chinook Book combo even though you figure that you’ll probably never use any of the coupons. You clip coupons now and then, but you forget them behind most of the time. You download the Chinook Book app because the combo comes with a code: here we go. Your cat is out of food, so you head to Pet Pro’s at Westwood Village and get $5 off of $25 – plus they give you a pet waste dispenser after you buy the pet waste bags for your dog. While you’re there, you remember that your Pathfinder student has a camping trip coming up and you get $10 off of $50 at Big 5. You’re starting to feel the shift in seasons and decide that some Vitamin D might help boost your immunity and beat the onslaught of colds coming your way, and Super Supplements gives you another $5 off of $25. It’s been a busy day of doing errands, so you meet a friend for coffee at Café Ladro and you can cover their beverage with a coupon, plus you get a free baked treat with your purchase using another coupon. You’re telling your friend how handy this Chinook Book app is and she says that she doesn’t have extra money laying around for shopping these days. You give her your Bartell’s coupons because she lives close to one and you make a plan to get lunch with her next week at Hale’s Ales Pub because you get $5 off your $20 Happy Hour purchase. It’s about time to pick up your kids, and one springs on you that he is invited to a costume party. You stop by Goodwill and save 20% on an already-discounted outfit. Both kids start complaining that they’re hungry, so you stop by Great Harvest Bread Company and get 50% off a bag of treats to hold them off until dinner. You don’t really want to cook by this point, and you use the “Nearby” function on the app that let’s you know you’re close to Chaco Canyon and you can get 50% off an entrée. You get home from and tell your partner that you might actually like this Chinook Book. You find the “My Savings” tab on the app and it tells you that by redeeming ten+ coupons that you saved $50. Your partner downloads the free Chinook Book app to check out coupons and see if it’s worth it, and can purchase a code right through the app if it’s a good fit. It’s Day One of having the app and combo that you only paid $30 for. Wowza!

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Welcome to our new After School Program Coordinator

Katie Kadwell smilingWe are pleased to announce that Katie Kadwell has taken over the position of After School Program coordinator. Katie is a busy mama already and will be going on Water Hall camping trip the week of the 19th. When she returns, she will begin focusing her attention to the ASP. Katie has two daughters who have participated in the program, she has been a volunteer within the program, and brings a great deal of enthusiasm and vision.

She can be contacted at curtiskadwellfamily@gmail.com with questions.

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Save time – Fill PTSA forms online

PTSA red and black compass SQUAREShop for Spirit Wear, join the PTSA, submit your information for the Family Directory, and sign up to volunteer, all online now!

Our fantastic team of volunteers has improved our forms and made them easier for you to use. By completing the forms online you will reduce your form-filling burden, and speed up administration for us. Hard copies are also included in the First Day Packets. Check out these features online:

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Hello and welcome from your PTSA Board!

pathfinderPTSA tinyDear families,

We, your Pathfinder K8 PTSA Board, are excited to welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year at Pathfinder K-8.

For those new to Pathfinder K-8 you will soon discover that you are part of an amazing school community. We educate children here in a way that is unique to other Seattle schools and a major component in making that happen is you. In fact, the parent involvement at Pathfinder is so vital to our school’s success it is sometimes called the “Parent Machine.” For nineteen years a tradition of educating our children by choice at Pathfinder has been cultivated, nurtured and maintained by YOU. You are our most important resource as a PTSA.

Sometimes I hear people say “I can’t join PTSA because I don’t want another commitment right now.” I absolutely understand that! We respect your time. We respect that families ALWAYS come first. We are volunteers. Joining PTSA entails filling out a form and paying membership (scholarships available). Honestly, that’s it. You don’t have to do anything after that. Your fees go to the PTA local here in Seattle, to support the work of all local PTA/PTSA’s. It’s the only time your PTSA will ask you a to write a check that doesn’t go DIRECTLY back to your students’ education at Pathfinder. Those fees are detailed at this link from the Washington State PTA website. You then get to sit back and enjoy the benefits of your dollars at work including discounts at Barnes and Noble, Great Wolf Lodge, Fed Ex, Wild Waves, and Seattle Storm to name a few.

Volunteering and contributing to the programs that you want to see maintained at Pathfinder, such as camping, After School Program, tutoring, arts, workshops, field trips…activities that other schools often do without, can look a hundred different ways. Ongoing throughout the year it’s monetary, because without our fundraising efforts we cannot support these amazing programs. Every SINGLE dollar that is given is essential. There is no such thing as a financial gift that is too small and Direct Give, starting in the Fall is the best example of that. AND it’s more than that. My first year at Pathfinder, as a single parent, I could not contribute financially. I was able to show up in the classroom, one day a week, as a chaperone for field trips, to help out on photo day. Some folks slip in and help take the staples out of the pictures on the bulletin boards. Others change the reader board so that we can communicate better with you. And some are at their desks entering data or maintaining the website, never set foot in the school, but their efforts are equally important. There are countless ways to contribute. THEY ALL MATTER. The difference you make is a difference. There is no measure of how important based on hours spent, size of the check written. WE DON’T DO THAT HERE.

So welcome and welcome back. You are a valued member of the parent machine. Yes, your PTSA Board is at the helm directing the efforts, it’s true. But without you we have nothing to do, nothing to direct! It is our pleasure to be here, part of this amazing thing we do to educate and support each child in the Pathfinder community. Thank you.

Odetta Owen – Pathfinder K8 PTSA President

Odetta Owen, President


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We want you!

We Want You!There are opportunities to serve on the 2016-2017 board!

1. Treasurer – custodian of PTSA funds/tracking and recording all financial transactions/working with outgoing treasurer/monthly budget report at PTSA board meetings/executive committee board member/background in accounting practices as well as finances in non-profits helpful – Requires approximately 1-3 hours per week. Contact Jennifer Babuca at jb@babuca.com.

Feel free to also contact PTSA President, Odetta Owen at miss_oo@hotmail.com with any questions!

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2016-17 school year calendar

image by flickr user, PG.NETO, licensed CC 2.0.

image by flickr user, PG.NETO, licensed CC 2.0.

Did you know?

The school year calendar for 2016-17 is now published on the Seattle Public Schools website.

A printable PDF of the key dates for the 2016-17 school year is also available here.

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